Gratitude – Life Cube Project: From Burning Man to Las Vegas

It has been just a few weeks since the burn of the Life Cube in Downtown Las Vegas.  The embers may have cooled, but the memories of the project and the support and enthusiasm of the community, friends and family are still warming my heart. 

What began as an exploratory trip to Las Vegas at the beginning of last year has resulted in a journey that I will never forget.  There are so many anecdotes, photos, video, blogs, televised reports and news articles and yet they hardly begin to tell the tale!  In the meantime, it is with deep gratitude that I share a small smattering with you.  Attached to this letter are several links to video, and a few images to further pique your interest.

While the burn was a spectacular and moving event attended by over 10,000 people, the most meaningful part for me was the interaction with the community.  Over the past three months, I spoke with over five thousand students throughout the Las Vegas valley about the dual missions of the project:  1) writing down your goals for what you want to achieve in life; and 2) connecting art and community.  They responded by asking insightful questions, decorating their own cubes and canvasses, filling out thousands of “wish-sticks” with their own hopes and dreams, and bringing their families downtown to visit the Cube and attend the Burn.


Ultimately, more than 40,000 wishes went up into the universe.  We had 3700+ photos and videos posted to Instagram, 4500+ likes on Facebook, and even “trended” on Twitter, which they tell me is a big deal.  In addition, the chance to watch and interact with hundreds of artists as they paint and performed around the Cube was a truly special opportunity.

This was a very long project.  Whether you were in Las Vegas with me for part of it or cheered us on from afar, your emotional, advisory, artistic, skilled and/or financial support was integral to our success.  Your encouragement has been and continues to be appreciated more than you can possibly know.   Attached is this note with some photographs in PDF format.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Video Links:

‘The Life Cube 2014’
Fremont East Studios  (3 minutes)

‘The Life Cube Project Documentary’
H. Andrews Joven  (9 minutes)

Newspaper Articles from the Las Vegas Sun:

Scott Cohen
The Life Cube Project (Life Cube LLC)

Instagram:  #lifecube, #lifecubeproject
Twitter:  @thelifecube

(the above was sent to friends, volunteers, supporters, artists, and craftsman on April 15, 2014)

The Life Cube Project 2014

Amazing video compilation filmed & produced by Fremont East Studios

The Life Cube Project is an interactive community art installation created by Scott Cohen (skeeter). The first Life Cube was built at Burning Man in 2011. Since then, the concept has evolved to include opportunities for the community to express themselves, create and show their art. The mission of The Life Cube Project is to get people to write down their goals, wishes, dreams, and aspirations with the belief that there is a better chance of achieving them. #lifecube

Life Cube Open, Live and Unplugged

I am amazed by the extraordinary talent and creative energy that has embraced the Life Cube Project. The mission of the Cube is to encourage people to write down their goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations AND to maximize community participation. I think we have successfully connected art and community. By coming to the Cube to paint, write, play music, dance and even juggle – you have helped make this vision a reality.

Unfortunately, due to budget and liability issues, we regret having to cancel some of the outstanding bands and talent that were going to perform over the next week. However, the music will continue in an “unplugged” format, with non-amplified acoustic bands and musicians invited to come and play. Performers, artists, families, visitors, and residents are encouraged to visit Fremont & 9th Street to paint, play music, fill out “wish-sticks” and contribute to the positive vibe and creative atmosphere.

While there have been ongoing changes to final programming for Burn Week, we are excited to confirm that the installation is open, illuminated, and welcoming to visitors, artists and ‘un-plugged’ performers daily until the night of Friday, March 21, 2014. The night of the burn we will have live concert performances from Sabriel, Moksha and (DJ) Incaman.

The Life Cube Project Downtown Las Vegas has achieved and exceeded many of our wildest expectations. I thank each and every one of you for making this dream come true.

The countdown is on! Eight days…

3.21 Burn


An Open Letter from a Cube-ist

What is community? What is art? The Life Cube Project. Their mission is to get people to write down their goals, wishes and aspirations with the belief that there is a better chance of achieving them.

I met a brilliant and engaging 7-year-old boy last week at the LifeCube who wrote that he “wished to be safe”. He wrote this in his well-practiced first-grade print on a cube via the high-end, fine art medium known as colored chalk. Everyone’s wishes are welcome here. No age barriers. No socioeconomic barriers. No MFA artistic credentials required to dream. Yes, I totally dig community engagement, vision, and of course, kids like this who get to experience something that just might lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

If you’d like to support this innovative project, read on…. they have 57 hours left. Skip 2 coffees this week. Or 100 this month. Every little bit helps. Not in Las Vegas? Hope to see this project in every city throughout the globe. Energy matters. Thoughts are things, and so are wishes.
 Angela D.

Our Las Vegas: “The Life Cube Project”

Our Las Vegas: “The Life Cube Project”

Photograph by Nikiya Berry

“Our Las Vegas” is delighted to be working this year with students in Professor Mary Hausch‘s Advanced Reporting Class in the UNLV Hank Greenspun School of Journalism & Media Studies. During the year, we’re collaborating on a number of projects – including the Daily Frame to which Ms. Berry is making her second contribution.

She writes: “The art on the cube is constantly changing. Anyone is welcome to draw or paint on the cube. Everyone is encouraged to write down their goals and wishes and put it inside the cube. The cube will burn on March 21 and everyone’s wishes will burn into the universe. The more you write down your wishes and set your goals, the more likely you can manifest your destiny.”

She adds: “I felt the positive energy while at The Life Cube and will definitely be back again. I am trying to spread the message to my friends to come, write down their wishes and support the project before the burn.”


Las Vegas born and raised Nikiya Berry is in her second semester at UNLV. Prior to enrolling, she attended the College of Southern Nevada. She plans to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She notes: “I can edit, shoot, report and write and like all of it. I am adventurous and inquisitive which gives me opportunities to meet new people and learn new things.”

• • •

Made possible with the generous support of the City of Las Vegas Arts Commission, “The Daily Frame,”, a project of “Our Las Vegas,” showcases a wide range of photographs that celebrate the City’s unique culture, cityscape and residents.

Photographers | artists | creatives interested in participating are enthusiastically encouraged to contact us at ourlasvegas at gmail dot com.

Ever-changing Downtown Las Vegas Art Piece Set to Burn

By Craig Huber, Fox 5  Las Vegas


From the Life is Beautiful festival to First Friday, art is a big part of the rebirth of downtown Las Vegas.  A new piece of art is taking shape downtown, and the man behind it says it will make your dreams come true.

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Piece of Life Cube Project on display at Las Vegas City Hall

By Krista Hostetler

CREATED Feb. 19, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – A piece of the Life Cube Project now has a temporary home at Las Vegas City Hall.

The public is invited to write their wishes and put them in the cube that will eventually be burned during a downtown festival on March 21.

The idea is to build a bond between art and the community.

The walk-thru interactive experience features murals by local artists, musical performances and a light show.