The Life Cube Project 2014

The Life Cube Project is an interactive community art installation created by Scott Cohen (skeeter). The first Life Cube was built at Burning Man in 2011. Since then, the concept has evolved to include opportunities for the community to express themselves, create, and showcase their art. The mission of The Life Cube Project is to get people to write down their goals, wishes, dreams, and aspirations with the belief that there is a better chance of achieving them.

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Burning Man Arts 2015: The Life Cube Project is Coming Back to the Playa!

During my first trip to Burning Man over ten years ago, I imagined an art installation that would incorporate my belief that if people wrote down their goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations, the probability of it happening would be much, much higher.

It took me until 2010 to devote the time and energy to design and draft my first Life Cube proposal to the Burning Man Arts Grant committee.  Each successive year, we worked hard on to create and propose what we thought would be fun, engaging, interactive and experiential art, seeking their partial funding and support.  And each year, after a lot of effort, we received an email that started with something like: “…on behalf of Burning Man’s Art Grant Committee, I would like to thank you for applying for an art grant. This year we received the largest number of applications…” and ending with “it was a very tough decision, but unfortunately, we decided not to fund your project.”

For three successive years, I overcame my disappointment, and “with a little help from my friends,” came back to Black Rock City to create a Life Cube that was bigger and better and more interactive than the one before. This could only happen with the support of hundreds of volunteers and people who donated to help this dream become reality.  Every year, the project grew in size and scope, rising along with the number of burners who interacted with the Life Cube.  So when we decided to write a proposal for Black Rock Arts Honoraria in 2015, we worked hard to manage expectations — in fact, if you asked me a month ago, I was pretty pessimistic about the process and didn’t expect to hear anything other than “thanks, but…”

Imagine my surprise, excitement and exuberance when after five years of trying, we received an email that began with “congratulations!  We are thrilled…”

More to come when I finish jumping up and down (smile)

Love, skeeter

Life Cube Burn at Burning Man in 2013.  Photo by Tom Oniel

Life Cube Burn at Burning Man in 2013. Photo by Tom Oniel




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Life Cube Project Reno Bound in May 2015

Attention Cube-ists! The Life Cube Project comes to Reno! So happy to announce that the Life Cube Project is coming to the Reno Sculpture Fest on May 8, 9, and 10, 2015!!  The first photo of part of the metal wall people will tie their wish-tags.

metal cube Cube V1 Mural Glass Fense Cube V1 Side 2 Mural Glass Fense Cube V1 Side 3 Mural write board Cube V1 Side 4 Mural write board pink street art mural

The Cube we’re designing for Reno will have a metal frame and feature write-boards, plexi-glass panels etched with geometric designs, collaborative tapestry walls, and murals. I will be speaking to kids at local schools, and gifting 1×1 foot canvas panels for the tapestry walls to local artists.

Can you help? We need carpenters, painters, photographers, muralists, videographers, lighting assistants, musicians and DJs. We would love to have people to teach yoga, help with distribution of canvas to artists, and bake muffins for the volunteers! We need someone to take charge of assembling the tapestry wall during the festival. And we need lots of Cube-ists to hand out wish-sticks and share the great energy and the welcoming spirit that is our hallmark and the foundation of everything we do.  Check out the video rendering on youtube.  

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Life Cube Illumination in Downtown Las Vegas

Happy Anniversary Cube-ists! On this date one year ago, we illuminated the Life Cube in downtown Las Vegas. The journey from Burning Man to Downtown Las Vegas was an exhilarating ride.  Kudos and heartfelt appreciation to all the artists, Downtown Project Las Vegas, and our volunteers, especially Donna & Jay Manto, our lighting engineers extraordinaire!

NightIlluminationLifeCubeLV LifeCubeLasVegas LandscapeViewLifeCubeLV

Photo of Life Cube illumination by Justin Tyler Gines; Photo of Life Cube Landscape Las Vegas by Nancy Good, and Photo of Daytime View of the Life Cube by Christopher Cunningham.







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Together We Rise, a Burning Man NYC Benefit and Social Event

I had the opportunity to represent The Life Cube Project at Together We Rise, a Burning Man NYC Benefit and Social event produced by BABËL New York on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.


We set up a table with five beautiful photo prints created by LuxLab; a mini Life Cube for visitors to write and draw on; and many wish-sticks for people to put their hopes, wishes, and dreams on! Full of Burning Man folks and others interested in art, the event was such a wonderful opportunity to spread the Life Cube’s message and meet many interesting new people.

image (1)

For more photos, visit the Life Cube’s Facebook page.

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Gay Icon Kristine W Releases Music Video Featuring the Life Cube

The Life Cube Project was recently featured in a music video released by Kristine W, an icon within the gay and lesbian community. The song, titled “Love Come Home,” was inspired by the singer’s reflection on troops currently fighting overseas. She chose to film part of her music video at the Downtown Las Vegas Life Cube as it promoted growth, prosperity, community, and creativity; which brought people together and inspired them well after the Cube was gone.

“I traveled the country on tour this summer and I couldn’t help but notice how people are getting back to basics,” she says. “They’re valuing home and family more than ever before.”

It’s why she chose to include her daughter, Elizabeth, in the song’s music video. Elizabeth is seen in the beginning, writing her wishes for the future on a piece of paper and placing it in The Life Cube, an art installation created by Scott Cohen, one of the forces behind the Burning Man event, who also makes a cameo in the music video.

A cube is built in a run-down area of town. The idea is for people in the community to visit the cube, paint and draw on it and place wishes into the slots cut into the side of the cube. After a year, the cube is burnt to the ground and a new cube is built in another dilapidated area that needs love.

“The cube in the ‘Love Come Home’ video was built in an old parking lot on the far eastside of Freemont Street in Las Vegas,” Kristine W says. “We shot the ‘So Close To Me’ video in the same lot right before the cube appeared. At the time, there were crumbling buildings all around and garbage piled high. A year and a half later, the area is flourishing with activity once again, all thanks to the cube.”

Read the full article here.

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The Journey from Burning Man to Downtown Las Vegas – The Life Cube Project Photo Book

Our first hardcopy of The Life Cube Project photo book has arrived! It has been quite a journey over the last three months to put this together, but getting to hold the book and turn its pages has made it all worthwhile.

The still-sealed copy of the book, moments after it arrived from Blurb.

While we still have some work cut out for us before we are able to send the final version of the book to donors and volunteers — including making final edits and investigating alternative publishers to deliver high-quality and cost-efficient copies — we are happy to share that we are quickly approaching the end of the voyage that has been creating this photo book from scratch.

image (1)
Scott and Kat, all smiles, flipping through the book for the first time.

What started out as a 40-page book unexpectedly grew into a 12″ x 12″ 75-page, full color coffee table book. Through the generous donations from over 30 professional photographers and numerous friends, we were able to include over 150 stunning photos as well as carefully written text on the journey of The Life Cube from Burning Man to Downtown Las Vegas.


Kat, the creator and designer of The Life Cube Project photo book.

Collecting the photographs for the book was an arduous task. We contacted dozens of photographers who documented The Life Cube in DTLV as well as friends who visited the Cube and attended the burn. Once we mentioned we were creating the book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog; people reached out and eagerly sent in their own photos and artistic interpretations of their experiences at The Life Cube. Thousands of photos streamed in for weeks.

As the photos were being collected, the time came to carefully select which ones were to be included in The Life Cube photo book. And when thousands were cut down to only a few hundred, then came the mission of editing each image. After we selected a self-publisher (Blurb) to create our photo book with, we began constructing the layout and design. More photos were removed, added, and edited. Chapters began to take shape, and we embarked on the task of writing, re-writing, and proofreading text for each section of the book. Eventually, everything came together beautifully, and we were left with something we were proud of.


Cover photo by Justin Tyler Gines.

Months of hard work and dedication have gone into the creation and production of The Life Cube Project photo book. We are eager to finalize its pages, send it to the publisher, and share it with our supporters.

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The Life Cube Project Featured in Reno Airport Exhibit

The Life Cube Project is currently being featured in an exhibit at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport in Nevada. The exhibit, “Burning Man: Igniting Nevada’s Creative Fire”, is open from August 4 to October 20, 2014.

As Burning Man becomes more and more an ingrained part of Nevada’s culture, we are seeing an increase in its presence outside of the world on the playa. “Burning Man: Igniting Nevada’s Creative Fire” features stunning photography of the art that has been constructed, worked on, and placed in different parts of Nevada by Burning Man artists and participants. The Reno Airport exhibit provides a unique glimpse into the lives of those affected by Burning Man as well as a look at the art, community, and stories that have come from it.

The Life Cube Project can be seen in the following photos, taken by our dear friend Tigger, who helped make the Life Cube possible. She has been a Cube-ist from the beginning and an immense help before the Life Cube even became an installation at Burning Man in 2011. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Downtown Project in Las Vegas as well as Maria Partridge and Elizabeth “Bettie June” Scarborough who curated this exhibit and chose to include The Life Cube Project.



To read the exhibit’s text on the Life Cube, click here. For more information on the exhibit, please visit the Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s art and entertainment website.

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The Life Cube Featured in Venture Beat Article


The Life Cube Project was recently featured in an article on, which discussed Burning Man and its allure to the tech elite who attend.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has brought Burning Man art and events to his $300 million makeover of downtown Las Vegas. His organization, which aims to make the rundown downtown into a tech hub, supported a giant art sculpture, the Life Cube (pictured above), which was covered in art from the local community — then burned in a giant rave celebration.

“The hive switch got turned on by raves. It was a feeling of unity with the other people in the space, unity with the music and with one another,” Hsieh recently told Playboy Magazine. “That’s why I go to Burning Man. The art, especially at night, just puts you in a state of awe.”

To read the full article, click here!

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The Life Cube Project Water Bottles

The Life Cube Project water bottles have arrived! Complete with the Life Cube logo, a convenient handle, and BPA-free dishwasher-safe plastic… They’re the perfect way to stay hydrated and show your love for the Life Cube. We will begin shipping them very soon, so keep an eye out for a package in the mail!


We hope everyone attending Burning Man this year has a great time!

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Thank You Life Cube! Excerpts from Notes, Comments, and Blogs Written During DTLV

The Life Cube Project touched many lives during its 69 days in downtown Las Vegas. The following images are just a sample of some of the “thank you” notes written over the course of the project. Whether they were handwritten letters, comments on Facebook or Twitter, or blogs posts about the Life Cube, each and every note was deeply appreciated!

Click the images for a closer look at some of the kind and wonderful words Cube-ists shared about the downtown Las Vegas Life Cube.

LIFE CUBE Art Show - Quotes P1-page-001 LIFE CUBE Art Show - Quotes P2 Final-page-001 LIFE CUBE Art Show - Quotes P3 Final-page-001

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