Our Las Vegas: “The Life Cube Project”

Our Las Vegas: “The Life Cube Project”

Photograph by Nikiya Berry

“Our Las Vegas” is delighted to be working this year with students in Professor Mary Hausch‘s Advanced Reporting Class in the UNLV Hank Greenspun School of Journalism & Media Studies. During the year, we’re collaborating on a number of projects – including the Daily Frame to which Ms. Berry is making her second contribution.

She writes: “The art on the cube is constantly changing. Anyone is welcome to draw or paint on the cube. Everyone is encouraged to write down their goals and wishes and put it inside the cube. The cube will burn on March 21 and everyone’s wishes will burn into the universe. The more you write down your wishes and set your goals, the more likely you can manifest your destiny.”

She adds: “I felt the positive energy while at The Life Cube and will definitely be back again. I am trying to spread the message to my friends to come, write down their wishes and support the project before the burn.”


Las Vegas born and raised Nikiya Berry is in her second semester at UNLV. Prior to enrolling, she attended the College of Southern Nevada. She plans to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She notes: “I can edit, shoot, report and write and like all of it. I am adventurous and inquisitive which gives me opportunities to meet new people and learn new things.”

• • •

Made possible with the generous support of the City of Las Vegas Arts Commission, “The Daily Frame,”, a project of “Our Las Vegas,” showcases a wide range of photographs that celebrate the City’s unique culture, cityscape and residents.

Photographers | artists | creatives interested in participating are enthusiastically encouraged to contact us at ourlasvegas at gmail dot com.

About The Life Cube Project

The Life Cube creates electrifying public installations emphasizing interactive and collaborative art. Its dual mission connects art with community, and inspires participants to articulate and share their goals and dreams. This project encourages participants to look at their past, engage in the present, and set goals for the future. It is based on the artist’s belief that if you write down what you want to accomplish in life, the chances of attaining it is much, much higher! Tens of thousands of "Cube-ists" have already been positively impacted by their experience with the Life Cube Project, at Burning Man, in downtown Las Vegas and beyond. We're in the planning stages to bring the Life Cube Project to cities and arts festivals across the country and around the world! At each installation, local volunteers, teachers and school children, artists, builders, performers and other visionaries interact with the Cube every hour of every day. Its exterior, which incorporates many writeable and climbable surfaces, is a constantly changing swirl of painted murals, drawings, and handwritten messages contributed by the community. The Cube is brilliantly illuminated at night, attracting nocturnal artists and celebrants attracted by the colorful light show, with spots and lasers serving as a beacon in the evening skies. The Life Cube encourages the expression of goals, wishes, dreams, and aspirations in mural art, on wish-stick postcards, and with personal inscriptions on message boards. On selected evenings and weekends, area musicians and entertainers perform, culminating in a special closing event that gathers thousands of residents and visitors in a magical community celebration. At the end of the installation, in a spectacular fiery ceremony, the Cube and all of the gathered wishes are burned together and sent up into the Universe in a sacred shower of sparks and flame. Since 2010, the Life Cube Project has inspired over a thousand donors to contribute funds supporting the project, and even more have given of their time, talent and spirit. We're grateful for your support, as we hope to bring the Life Cube Project to more communities of artists and dreamers in days to come!
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