New Photos from Our Life Cube Burn (August 2014)

Vegas PBS

artScene: Life Cube, Graffiti Art, Gilded Age Couture, Salinger, #228 (July 2014)

Venture Beat

Why Burning Man Courts the Tech Elite (September 2014)

Amodeo Photography

The Life Cube Project | Las Vegas, NV

Catalyst Creativ

Creativ Week Speaker Showcase: Scott Cohen, The Life Cube Project (May 2014)

Review Journal

PHOTOS: ‘Life Cube’ Lights Up Downtown Las Vegas (March 2014)


Life Cube in Downtown Las Vegas Burns Friday Night (March 2014)

Tech Cocktail

Las Vegas Gets a Slice of Burning Man With The Life Cube 2014 (March 2014)

Virtual Rebel

Life Cube Set to Burn in Downtown Festival (March 2014)

My News 3

Downtown Life Cube Project Finishes in Blaze of Glory (March 2014)

Esther and Jacob

The Life Cube Project | Downtown Project Las Vegas (March 2014)

Clark County School District

Scott Elementary School to Participate in Life Cube Project (March 2014)

City of Las Vegas

Component Of The Life Cube Project To Have Temporary Home At Las Vegas City Hall (February 2014)

KNPR Nevada Public Radio

The Life Cube Project Lights Up Downtown (February 2014)

Las Vegas Weekly

Burning Man-Inspired ‘Life Cube’ will Unleash Your Dreams into the Air (February 2014)

Ignite Channel

Artist Interview with Scott Cohen of The Life Cube Project (February 2014)

Las Vegas Sun

Before the Burn: Downtown’s Life Cube an Inviting Canvas for Artists (February 2014)

Joe Downtown: Why This Giant, Burning Cube Can Change Your Life (November 2013)

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